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Narcolepsy Treatment in Annapolis, MD

Narcolepsy Treatment in Annapolis, MDImagine being unable to control when you fall asleep. This is what many people with narcolepsy face every day. Narcolepsy is a chronic sleep disorder that prevents the ability to form natural sleep-wake cycles. Narcolepsy can lead to long-term health risks if untreated.

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Narcolepsy Symptoms

The primary symptoms of narcolepsy are excessive daytime sleepiness (EDS) and sudden sleep attacks. People who suffer from narcolepsy are often faced with an uncontrollable urge to fall asleep, regardless of the time of day or situation. This is known as a narcolepsy attack.

Some narcoleptics have these sudden sleep attacks occur for no reason, while others experience them alongside a major emotion or stressor. These attacks often occur with no warning and may last anywhere from a few seconds to a half-hour.

Some other symptoms of narcolepsy include:

  • Loss of muscle tone
  • Sleep paralysis
  • Hallucinations
  • Excessive daytime sleepiness

Narcolepsy Causes

There is no certain cause of narcolepsy. The problem itself may be caused by shifting brain chemicals, such as hypocretins, that presents with rapid-eye movement (REM) sleep.

Some people suffering from narcolepsy may develop it as a result of a different sleep-wake disorder, such as:

If left untreated, narcolepsy can lead to sleep deprivation, obesitydepression, poor physical performance and many other problems.

Narcolepsy Treatment

There is no easy cure for narcolepsy, but treatments are available to mitigate symptoms and improve quality of life. Almost every narcolepsy treatment plan begins with testing and diagnosis. This can include a sleep test, sleep history and other tests.

If the issue is determined to be present, narcolepsy treatment can begin. Some of the most common narcolepsy treatments include:

  • Stimulant medications
  • REM-suppressing medication
  • Antidepressants
  • Sodium oxybate
  • Sleep scheduling
  • Increased exercise
  • Alcohol and smoking cessation

Most narcolepsy treatments involve the use of medication, but in some people with a minor problem, lifestyle changes may be sufficient. Ultimately, the best narcolepsy treatment will vary depending on the individual needs of the patient.

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Narcolepsy can deal lasting health damage and make everyday function seem impossible. Request information about narcolepsy treatment today: call (410) 567-0667 or contact Annapolis Integrative Medicine Clinic online.

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